The BEING OUTdoors CIC team are very excited to welcome a new holiday programme.  BEING AWESOME is exclusively for SEND young people (or those on the pathway).  

Our therapeutic experienced team recognise the benefits of building a community in our outdoor woodland site at SHIELD TREE WOOD. We offer 3 full and busy days of child-led play based holiday club excitement, we therefore do not let drop-in/out days, so only join if your child is able to  attend all 3 days.  

Each day has a regular pattern; we meet around the fire circle, discuss what the young people may wish to experience on that day, discuss the menu and ask for volunteer chefs  to cook on the fire.  

Each morning we offer breakfast followed by free woodland play. Here we have soothing  hammocks, exciting swings, sensory mud kitchen/cafe, surrounded by beautiful trees and  shrubs. Our woodland site contains two tented shelters and one open fire circle  parachute, the remaining space is outdoors. The young chefs, supported by our team,  prepare hot lunch, for the community to eat around the open campfire.  

Then, in the afternoon, free play in our outdoor woodland dell again. The natural woodland  has a beneficial impact on our senses, sounds, smells and textures, and our practitioners  use their experience and skill to encourage, where necessary, our young people to nurture  their imagination and craft stories, develop child-led games, experience natural dye  making and painting, nature journals, weaving and nature craft and tool work (whittling)  too. 

This is supported child-led free play and learning. Along the way, personal development of  sharing, considering others, risky challenges and negotiating also occur. The BOCIC  team’s aim is to develop the young person’s self-worth and encourage engagement within  a new environment and new community. We are inclusive and recognise SEND needs as  exclusive to the young person. We do this with a high adult ratio of 1:5 to ensure the  personal development of each young person. 

To find out when our next BEING AWESOME holiday club is  check out our booking page or contact Marcella at: