Holiday Woodland Camps (Age 5 & over)


Easter Holiday Club 2021 week 2

We host our popular holiday woodland camps throughout the year.  Our camps are planned to develop skills over the sessions such as knife whittling, woodland crafts using a range of tools (e.g. mallet making, wand whittling), campfire lighting and maintenance, campfire cooking and shelter building using tarps and ropes to name but a few! We want our participants to have fun, make new friends, support each other and generally have a good time so there will also be plenty of opportunities for exploring the wood or simply chilling in our hammocks!

This year’s  woodland camps will run in bubbles each week with the same children together for the whole week.  We feel this works best in following government guidance and enabling us to support your child with their wellbeing – allowing them to connect more fully with friends over a period of days and engage with their own interests at a deeper level as we go through the week. 

Most of all we will provide a space for your child to be, play and have lots of fun outdoors in nature.

Here’s how we will run our weekly camps:

  • check-ins / check-outs to monitor mental wellbeing and changes during the session, supporting more self-awareness of emotions.
  • time and space to support self-regulation, calming and anxiety reduction, self-expression and connecting to nature
  • opportunities for play – supporting learner-led play where children can work through experiences as well as nurturing creativity and self-motivation
  • a community-centred programme – supporting collaborative learning, increased rapport between adults and children, trust and increased responsibility – encouraging social play in a physically distanced way
  • physical wellbeing support -integrating physical activity into our programmes (e.g. tree-climbing, swing, taut-line), increasing movement and more fresh air to support concentration, provide grounding and raise self-esteem.

To book online and reserve your child’s place click below:

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See you all in the woods very soon!