BEING EXPLORERS runs at Shield Tree Wood in Derbyshire term time for children aged 4-11. The programme adopts the principles of Forest School with child-led learning and play at its heart.

BEING EXPLORERS is for designed for young people who are in school but would benefit from wellbeing support, flexi-schooled or home educated.

We aim to inspire, encourage and nurture a love of the outdoors where community and adventure thrive. There are opportunities for whittling and other tool work, fire skills and campfire cooking, shelter building, design and making traditional woodland crafts, nature art, team work and games, scientific investigation of our woodland, learning viking history, lots of free play and chilling in hammocks.  Future sessions are planned and developed based on the interests of the group and can change depending on where the mood takes the group as we believe this is when the best learning and development happens. 

These sessions are drop-off sessions as we believe this provides the best outcomes for the personal development of your child(ren). We do appreciate though that some children might need some adult support to help with the transition so it might be that you stay to help settle your child and that is fine. Please do talk to us to discuss any individual needs.

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