BEING Outdoors CIC are experienced in providing Viking and Anglo-Saxon curriculum enrichment sessions. At our BEING Outdoors CIC
base-camp in Shield Tree Wood we believe history taught through hands-on experiences and re-enactment brings history alive. It lets pupils experience the past, enjoy history and come away with new knowledge and a better sense of how life was.

Our Viking Forest School

We have created a programme of hands-on immersive experiences for your class to explore.  These will help pupils develop an understanding of:

  • The diversity of societies and relationships between different groups
  • The process of changes
  • Their own identify and the challenges of their time
  • How the people of the past lived
  • The complexity of people’s lives in Viking & Anglo-Saxon times
Our Viking – Anglo-Saxon Epic Battle

Learn all about Viking and Anglo-Saxon culture and how they successfully interacted with their environment.  We will lead you on a journey that shaped our heritage.  Learn and experience the legends, their ways of life, crafts, weapons, food and more.

To find out more download our Viking Day teacher pack or contact us here.

What teachers and pupils say about our Viking / Anglo-Saxon Days

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