At BEING Outdoors we are passionate about giving children, young people and adults the time and space they need within a nature setting to build the skills needed for their long-term wellbeing.

All our programmes have the 5 steps to wellbeing underpinning them:

  • connect
  • be active
  • keep learning
  • give to others
  • be mindful

We offer a range of experiences such as bushcraft, woodland crafts, nature art, team games, mindfulness exercises and campfire cooking in a nature setting to support these steps.

These experiences support each learner to connect with people in their group and learn together.

Children are encouraged to share their newly learnt skills with others (a great way to give to others – nothing is more empowering than teaching your friends how to build a fire base, keep a fire going or work together to make a Viking Shield Wall!!!)

With tree swings, hammocks, slacklines and lots of slopes to climb there is also always an opportunity for a bit of physical challenge!

In our basecamp at Shield Tree Wood there are also plenty of opportunities for nature connection. The ability to access a quiet mind – often referred to as mindfulness – allows creativity to flow and research links time spent in nature to nurturing happiness, more energy, empathy, desires to reach full potential and help, initiative, curiosity and gratitude.

Woodland crafts and nature art projects are used to support this and allow mindful creative flow whilst using the natural resources of our basecamp woodland. We often use mindfulness exercises as well to encourage children to access a quieter mind.

For more information about how we might be able to enhance your wellbeing provision or to start a conversation, please contact us here.

Further information on wellbeing can by found at the NHS website:

NHS website – 5 steps to improve mental wellbeing